Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How I got Adele's new cd for only 95 cents!

I have been a fan of Adele’s since the release of her first album “19”. I have been eagerly awaiting the day that her second album would be released in the US. Today is that day! I admit, I still buy CDs if it’s someone that I really like. Usually I can get the cd cheaper than an MP3 download and then if I really want to get rid of the cd I either sell or swap the cd online.
I checked the usual places for prices on Adele’s new cd, “21”. The cheapest I found was on Amazon. $7.99 for the actual cd or $9.99 for the MP3 album. I remembered that I recently got a free $10 Amazon gift card. I had spent 99 cent so I had $9 left. Amazon also has a promo where if you buy any album for $7.99 or more, you get a $1 credit back.
Although this says I paid $1.95, I later got the $1 credit in my email. I only paid 95 cents for the cd!

These are a few websites that I use to score free gift cards:
Join me on Crowdtap, earn money for charity and collaborate with brands http://bit.ly/crowdinvite 

ShopItToMe offers  name brand and designer products at a discount price http://bit.ly/shopinvite 

Check out Kembrel. I am sending you a free $5 coupon to spend on fashion, accessories and gadgets at huge discounts for students.

Play games and cash in your points for gift cards!

Buy Adele's new album "21" from Amazon


  1. Nice blog! Wishing you every success with your blog and your jewelry shop!

  2. Yep, I'm big on survey sites and such that give gift cards and cash back. Win! Glad you got such a great deal :) Drop an email to star_momma at yahoo dot com if you ever want invites to some other survey places and stuff. Been doing it a few years, and I have it trimmed down to the ones I think rock the hardest. hehe