Monday, February 28, 2011

MOO Business Cards

Last week I ordered [free] business cards from I wasn't expecting them until March 5th. I had a surprise waiting for me in my mailbox today and let me just say, I am very impressed! I have always wanted to order business cards from this website but never got around to it. One night I was surfing Etsy and saw that they were offering 50 free cards for Etsy users. This has been around for almost a year but I haven't came across this offer until now.

Get your cards here!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Photo Post (1)

Although the weather has been nice here, it has been very windy! I'm surprised we have had so many sunny days with reasonable temperatures. Of course, we're expecting rain within the next few days...but we do need it.
I'm looking forward to getting back outside and taking more pictures. My younger brothers (twins!) are graduating this year and although we've already done a few "senior" photos, I want to take more of them soon. This weather is perfect for outdoor photos!
Here are a few I took one day last week during a walk through my family's pasture. I was using a different camera (DSLR without a zoom lens :\) and just started snapping away...they aren't the best but at least I'm getting back into it!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ready for Spring!

The weather has been teasing us in North Carolina lately. Within the past month we went from dreading the snow to sunny days with a low in the 70s. While the weather was nice, I photographed and listed tons of new jewelry!
I've managed to do a little "Spring cleaning" and have decided to mark down a few pieces of jewelry in my Etsy shop to make room for new pieces.

These rose earrings remind me so much of sunny Spring days. They have been marked down from $9 to only $5.45! I currently have them in baby blue, purple, turquoise, and salmon pink (my favorite!).
I only have a few more pairs left so hurry and snatch them up before someone else does!

How I got Adele's new cd for only 95 cents!

I have been a fan of Adele’s since the release of her first album “19”. I have been eagerly awaiting the day that her second album would be released in the US. Today is that day! I admit, I still buy CDs if it’s someone that I really like. Usually I can get the cd cheaper than an MP3 download and then if I really want to get rid of the cd I either sell or swap the cd online.
I checked the usual places for prices on Adele’s new cd, “21”. The cheapest I found was on Amazon. $7.99 for the actual cd or $9.99 for the MP3 album. I remembered that I recently got a free $10 Amazon gift card. I had spent 99 cent so I had $9 left. Amazon also has a promo where if you buy any album for $7.99 or more, you get a $1 credit back.
Although this says I paid $1.95, I later got the $1 credit in my email. I only paid 95 cents for the cd!

These are a few websites that I use to score free gift cards:
Join me on Crowdtap, earn money for charity and collaborate with brands 

ShopItToMe offers  name brand and designer products at a discount price 

Check out Kembrel. I am sending you a free $5 coupon to spend on fashion, accessories and gadgets at huge discounts for students.

Play games and cash in your points for gift cards!

Buy Adele's new album "21" from Amazon